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      Our Company Becomes the Sponsor of CHINA JINCHENG Racing Team Again in the 34th Dakar Rally 2012

      On December 18th, 2011, the writer knows from “China Jincheng Dakar Rally motorcycle racing team set off ceremony” in Nanjing, China, Jincheng racing team will still be the unique racing team from China for his fifth to attend such worldwide events, while JIANGSU FEICHI CO., LTD being pointed again by Nanjing Jincheng Group as one of the most important sponsors and the unique tire enterprise sponsor of Jincheng team at this time after 33rd Dakar Rally.

      President Yusong Jiao of JINCHENG GROUP is conferring the trophy cup to the sponsors. President Yusong Jiao (first right ), Vice General Manager Jun Cheng of our company (second right)

      Driver and his number from Jincheng motorcycle racing team in 33rd Dakar Rally

      Driver Wenmin Su of JINCHENG racing team return in triumph from 33rd Dakar Rally, took a group photo with our Vice General Manager Jun Cheng

      Dakar Rally is one of the most hard and cruel events in the world, it is a true racing between human and nature. It requests good quality racing motorcycles and drivers with good patience. As one of the important suppliers, our company has maintained such business relationship for more than 17 years since we started to produce motorcycle tires. With the growth of Jincheng motorcycle, we have achieved great success. FEICHI motorcycle tires have been sold all over China and exported to many foreign countries and districts in the world through FEICHI people’s great effort. FEICHI brand motorcycle tires play great efforts on improving Jincheng motorcycles.

      As the unique tire enterprise sponsor of CHINA JINCHENG Racing Team in the Dakar Rally, Mr Cheng, our vice general manager and general manager of sales branch company attend this ceremony, and says that our FEICHI tire will go straight with Jincheng motorcycle shoulder by shoulder, make FEICHI brand become the top brand of the world, be heard around the world and stand strongly along with other worldwide famous brands. 


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