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      Email: feichi@public.yc.js.cn
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      Warmly celebrate that FEICHI trademark won the "China Well-known Trademark"
      In 2008, at a higher level party committees and under governments correct leadership,at the ministries, commissions, Office, bureau of the attention and supportation,all the workers solidarity, encouraging the spirit, strengthen confidence, worked hard, endeavor to solely the pride and innovative pioneering spirit, vigorously implement the brand strategy,
      actively respond to financial crisis, comprehensively push forward the technological innovation, management innovation, market innovation and mechanism innovation. Enterprises continue to maintain a sustained and steady development momentum, and continue to be an industry leader of Chinese bicycle enterprise.
      On December 31,2008, we will soon be full of passion into the new year, We won China Top Brands last year,and also won the "China Well-known Trademark" award. This is a care and support of higher level party committees and governments, but also all along the result of joint efforts of FEICHI staff.
      We will receive the award as a new starting point,the new pressure,the new power to obtain the     award for new hope.We Strongly depend on scientific and technological progress, pay close attention to product quality, and strive to develop new markets, greater enthusiasm and high morale, unity and struggle, and exert ourselves to actively respond to the crisis and continue to hold high the banner of brands, speed up the process of scientific development, to make our economy even greater contribution for Yancheng.
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